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End Tax Haven Secrecy

Join us in calling on the G20 to end tax haven secrecy

In 2011 the countries of the G20 will be meeting in France.

We want the G20 leaders to introduce measures to end the tax haven secrecy that allows companies to hide their profits and avoid paying taxes in developing countries.

These measures include requiring companies to report on the profits made and taxes paid in every country in which they operate and automatic exchange of information between different tax jurisdictions. This would help developing countries collect the taxes they are owed.

Tax dodging by multinational companies costs developing countries over a hundred billion dollars every year – more than the entire global aid budget – at a time when the global crisis is prompting severe cuts in states’ budgets around the world and millions of children are denied a basic education.

The G20 nations must act now to challenge this injustice by agreeing on measures to stop tax haven secrecy.

Call on the G20 leaders to put tax haven secrecy on the agenda this November.

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